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Seven Mountains to Aratta

Man from Modest Town

The Shining Suit

Adam's Coat

Welcome to bjcorbin.com. For many, many years, I have been fascinated with the deeper questions of our existence and origins... why are we here... where did we come from... and what happens to us after we die?

The standard explanations of our history leave many questions unanswered. We find strange megaliths, fossils of dinosaurs and other human-like beings, ancient texts, pointing to a past advanced civilization that was destroyed by a major cataclysm or a series of cataclysms. Some very smart people have other explanations, but I think it was the Flood (and events that followed as a result of the Flood... Continental drift... Earth axis tilt to 23.5 degrees... Ice Age, etc.) mentioned in the Bible and other ancient literature.

Much of my research, writing and exploration is related to the search for the remains of Noah's Ark, and the prehistory section of Genesis (chapters 1-11). I participated in expeditions to Mt. Ararat in Turkey in 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1998. I have written two books on the subject to date: The Explorers of Ararat and Seven Mountains to Aratta. My current Ark research is focused on the possible nexus between the mountains of Ararat and Aratta in Iran. My other research topics include ancient history and Biblical topics.

My latest books, The Shining Suit, looks at the Greek word Oiketerion, meaning heavenly body... what angels seem to "wear" and our future heavenly habitation. Was Adam’s Coat more than just an animal skin provided by God as a covering for Adam and Eve’s nakedness after their sin in the Garden of Eden? This book explores the account in the Book of Jasher that states Adam's Coat was passed down many generations, even after the Flood.