​​​B.J. Corbin --- Explorer, researcher and writer
From Mt. Ararat in Turkey to Alvand Mountain & Aratta in Iran

Team Member - 1988 Dr. Charles Willis expedition​ to Mount Ararat, Turkey (Snow Tiger Team) Conducted subsurface radar and polar ice drilling on the eastern summit (elevation 16,700 feet) of Mt. Ararat. Another team led by Dick Bright re-surveyed the eastern summit with more updated and sophisticated equipment in the 2010-13 time frame.

Team Member - 1989 Chuck Aaron, Bob Garbe expedition to Mount Ararat, Turkey (Immanuel Expeditions) Chuck Aaron and a Turkish pilot landed a small Hughes 500c helicopter with team and equipment on the western summit of Ararat at approximately 15,000 feet.  Conducted a subsurface radar survey of the Western Plateau that determined it was possibly a deep caldera (sunken volcanic cone). This team also helped to determine the scale of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat by flagging 500 feet in 50 foot increments. This in conjunction with helicopter photos of our camp provided an accurate scale.

Team Member - 1990 Don Shockey expedition to Mount Ararat, Turkey (Ararat 8 Team) Visions of Ararat video, found objects of interest in Abich II Glacier via helicopter. 

Created website -
www.noahsarksearch.com, 1995-2001
Created and managed web site dedicated to documenting the historic search for Noah’s Ark.  (Turned website over to Rex Geissler in 2001)

1st book on the search for Noah's Ark -
The Explorers of Ararat published by GCI (1996)

Research and expedition consultant  - 1998 Jim Hall (Ark Research Team)
B.J. served as a consultant for the team and attended a conference on the Flood of Noah at Ataturk University, Turkey.  The team visited various sites around Mount Ararat, like the Durupinar boat-shaped formation that some claim is the remains of Noah's Ark.

Vice President - ArcImaging, 1999
Colorado meeting presenter for
Ataturk University officials.

2001 The History Channel
Featured Explorer/Author

History’s Mysteries: The Search for Noah’s Ark

Research focus on Alvand Mountain in Iran - 2010
Refocused research from Mount Ararat in Turkey to the Iranian Zagros mountains.

2nd book on the search for Noah's Ark -
Seven Mountains to Aratta, 2014-2020 in both 1st (2016) & 2nd Editions (2020) in paperback and hardcover.

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 1st Edition

​Audible Audiobook 1st Edition

Aratta location based on Sumerian texts as related to the biblical mountains of Ararat - current

Although many people consider the Sumerian accounts of Enmerkar & Lugalbanda of Uruk against the Lord of Aratta to be myth, the location details and clues are too precise to ignore, in my opinion. More importantly, how the possible location of Aratta lines up with the biblical mountains of Ararat.

The History Channel
History's Mysteries

Mt. Ararat in Turkey
Photo taken by Ross Mehan 1988